A proof of concept demo on the home energy management prototype from Intel lab, quite striking prototype I think. Probably this showcase is a sign of Intel moving forward to the Smart home area, or meaning its ATOM processor striking back to ARM
So striking how the menu resembles the Iphone/Ipad menu, how even they have a app store, I suppose their idea of system is quite nice, innovative !! that is the future home I desire, wanna to live in , I suppose no one would refuse to live in such a intelligent house, surely the problem is the limited budge people could afford for such a luxury product

Like what Kevin said it’s indeed a nice toy to make my neighbors jealous… 🙂

Design persuades a lot of people to buy stuff. That’s Apple’s force.


Intel® Intelligent Home Energy Management Proof of Concept


Intel’s intelligent home energy management platform based on the Intel® Atom™ processor makes energy management as easy as flipping a switch. Reduce utility bills, make informed choices, be proactive about home maintenance, connect with family members and activate security systems from one central d…