Summer wars, a science fiction romance movie in 2009 from Japan, the story is amazingly fantastic,  followed by the success of The girl who leapt thought time, I believe there is no other movie like one that attracts me so badly this year.

Talking about this movie, many key words will be found inside, like family affection, honor, responsibility, romance,saving world, virtual world, pla pla pla.. The theme of the story is about saving the world, not from the hero wearing underwares on the face with superpower, but from those who seem to be ordinary people,a nobody like everyone you know. It proves once again, one individual ‘s power is too limited, concentrating all people’s minds however brings about great unexpectedly change, the spirit – never giving up is absolutely significant in all times.

And in the perspective of science fiction, it presents us a massive computer-simulated virtual reality world, which is called OZ, a virtual space mixed with all various existing web services, e – commence, social networking, like skype, twitter, facebook, second life, and also remarkably highlights on  mobile Internet and Internet of things, such as e – government, e – health

In such a world, mobile is the primary way getting accessing to all various web services other than PC access, it is of course the major implication of mobile Internet.And your web account has to be real-name authentication,  mapping you in the virtual into you in the real world. Whatever you do on the virtual world will be finally traced back to you in the real life, so you have to be responsible always.
E-government, might be the first wave in the Internet of things,  is already fulfilled in that world, that is , account is not merely controlling information flows, but only has possibilities to control the real life system, like transportation system, fire alarming system.

That in fact means, this web – OZ is linking all devices, the system and applications built upon them to the web in bidirectional ways, for the purpose of monitoring, commanding, notification. Account also maps your real role, which means with your account you can manipulate the system you are working in, for example if you are responsible for the transportation system, you can change the schedule, the higher your role is, the bigger power you will gain in manipulating the system. However a big potential risk is once the hacking account becomes successful, it will pose a large threat to system, not only information is leaking out but also underlying devices related to system will be lost of central control.

Having seen great future and amazing applications of mobile Internet and Internet of things,  focus should be pressed on the security as well as artificial intelligence.

Today wireless sensor network are rapidly coming built in small local area networks, in that sense the major security problem is on how to prevent malicious attack on the lower physical level. And it is more likely when it grows faster, more wireless sensor network will be connecting to the web space, security challenge from the web, authentication challenge to account and smart sensor network and devices need to be more advanced and realized  .


I like summer wars, wow