Individual ‘s sense and perceptions of our surrounding world comes from the visual of eye, the hearing of ear, the feel and touch of skin, all of them are telling the information to our brains about what is going on right there. Look how wonderful gifts  that the god has given to all living creatures in the world, from which we  learn how to deal with our world, we can tell the good from bad,  know the danger and risk  in time, do and not do…

we can say, human is standing out in this world, surviving and evolving  for tens of thousands years, that has reached  a point of balance between ourselves and our nature world,  by functioning with these bunch of sensors to receive information, processing them with brain to make decision,   speaking them out with mouths or handwriting to deliver them to the rest of our peers…

we human are acting in this pattern like always, with sensing, processing, and networking. Apparently in most circumstances,  we are inferior in many ways compared with other creatures, not  sharp eyes like eagle, not acute ears like dolphin, not sensitive nose like dog. However, why human are considered to be a higher level creature is largely because that we bring all three things together in a perfect manner, convergence.

Human is evolving, so is the rapid changing nature world and human world accordingly. We are not very optimistic about the current situation of this world we are living in, with growing population, declining nature resources, degrading environment and various social problems caused by these. All things are pressing us, each one to think seriously, to move forwards, come up with solutions.

A solution with a better world we envision, what it could be, countless answers, but the question is how to bring it about, how can we proceed to fulfill that.

It is the point to do that, with the ability to combine the existing capabilities together,  sensing that gathers data in all corners of world,  networking that transforms and stores the information, artificial intelligence processes information automatically, mobile that gives the visibility of every changes of world that we concerns..

Convergence is starting in a large scale in between human society and nature world, equally like human body

sensor networking, sensor web,  semantic web , mobile web

More and more to be continued..