Recently watched NHK ‘s documentary about China, taking three special episodes respectively into China ‘s  rapid growing movie production and  market,  the massive influence into African on the investment and infrastructure,  and lastly China ‘s public and private investment into all corners of world.

It is quite interesting to see different perspective looking into China’s the spreading influence into the world, not only because the perspectives are rarely deeply known by Chinese, but also specially because the viewpoints from Japan, who was once in the same glorious position in the 1980s, yet stuck in the long term economy crisis and going down.  Anxiety from Japan? maybe a bit because it is much losing the sprites of Entrepreneurship, but the documentary is positively, largely reflecting what is going on in China on world platform, hopefully going stronger and stronger in the next few decades.

Concerning about the investment in African,  one typical example is the ZTE  – one multinational telecommunication company, who is leading a massive initiative in  telecommunication infrastructure in Ethiopia, and further efforts on the telecoms services, ended up very successful in that project.

Another cases is Enterprise’s mergers and acquisitions, the Chinese companies with huge wealth are intending to buy the good assets such as technology, management skills, mature existing market. As opposed to 10 or 20 years ago that the foreign companies investing in China, it is now many Chinese native companies going out to invest, a huge difference.

The success is depending on many keys such as the great capability in manufacturing, abundance of money and capable engineers,  labor force, and most significantly China government  ‘s huge backup in finance and policy, in which China public bank is given more flexible permissions to support and collaborate closely with Chinese public and private companies in efforts going out to the world into all various of investment. Investments like natural resources and technologies are reasonably high priorities.

Although there is always a debate and controversy about Chinese government on several issues, I am still convinced China’s strength will be far more powerful in next few years because of its long term successful strategies on the culture, African and support of Chinese native companies going out for the next multinational. After all these strategies is just get going in the first beginning.

Going back on the emerging long-term strategy on the Internet of things, I envision it will bring more significant changes inside China, and will flourish soon.


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