HTC has always been late pushing the updates on the HTC Desire GSM, the current version 2.3.3 doesn’t live up to the Google USB Accessory mode, since it needs android 2.3.4 above to work out. so frustrated to have my android and seeedstudio ADK board both failed, both because of the OS.

Finally decided to try the most well-known ROM, Cyanogenmod, and delight to find cyanogenmod supports all versions of HTC.

Firstly trying unrevoked to root the phone,  but it is easy as it seemed to be, errors kept pumping up, always failed in the last step. Struggling of hours searching, only to find traditional ways of rooting is no longer working for the HTC because a new feature S-ON is added on to set your android phone’s security level from being rooted.

But the good news is a new tool – has found a way to shut down the S-ON feature for your android phone. The process is quite easy and straight forward, in which revolutionary is attempt to temporary root and HTC,set S-OFF & install a custom recovery image. The device will reboot on its own and the entire process should only take a few minutes. Ultimately root my phone successfully and have a new Cyanogenmod ROM on android 2.3.7.


The lastest version of cyanogenmod rom for HTC GSM is on here. And cyanogenmod provides a update guide for gaining the S-OFF and installing a custom recovery with

Cyanogenmod and revolutionary, great works.