Having trouble with uploading the program to my seeed studio board, is because of the bootloader not programmed in the atmega2560. Having tried several times, finally worked it out.

follow the step according to arduino official website .


here is my step to used arduino uno to burn the bootloader onto ADK:

1. download the arduino1.0  IDE 

2.  connect the uno to PC with USB wire,   tools->board->arduino uno 

3.  open->arduino ISP ,upload to arduino uno.

4.  connect the ADK to uno , add a 10 uF capacitor between reset and ground  on uno , according to the picture .   ( uno ISP<-> ADK ISP  ,uno D10<->ADK ICSP reset)

5.  tools->board->arduino mega 2560 or AKD

6.  tools->Programer->arduino as ISP

7.  tools->Burn Bootloader