Software Programming

Training an AI player for the Tic Tac Toe game.
A simple example combining Reinforcement learning with Neural network.
I want to train the AI player to be able to beat an opponent which plays randomly.

The training method is simple.
The AI also plays randomly and after the game finishes A positive reward is given if it wins or a negative reward it if it looses.

The input size for the NN is 18 for the pieces on the board, which represent the state. Hidden layer is also 18.
9 for the AI pieces and 9 for opponents pieces. A 0 value is for no piece and 1 is a piece at the index. The output size is 9. The max value of the values is the preferred action. The back propagation is only for one output neuron, the chosen action.

Because I don’t know the next state for…

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