about the away day yesterday, it is always a good start for the branding. I felt sorry about yesterday I was so tried in the afternoon, so I didn’t contribute too much to the branding exercise.

Honestly, making a plan of 6 month, 1 year, 2 years or even 10 years, is good to make us cheer up. but in the startups, up side down is a normal, and 36% startup dies in 2 years,  according to Startup Business Failure Rate By Industry. I am inspired by MaYun, the founder of Taobao, he said:  his company would die tomorrow if careless. By see this and all that happening in the space of USA and China in IOT or big data, I felt pressured but also motivated. For a long time, I didn’t feel such a great pressure even in the bottom ages, why I started to take pressure now when we are getting better, I guess the answer is right now this might be the best opportunity so far for me and for the first time to get close to my dream as a entrepreneur. 
Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. so I think to myself, when thinking about the cheerful goals, I need also calm down and think seriously about what I should do to achieve step by step, day by day, make this a habit for me.
If I want envision what is the difference after three month, personally I hope to be more intelligent 
1. Deep learning has been rooted in me and my research for parking system
2. I become a thought leader in big data in term of technology and markets
3. Build up the basic big data, real time analytic system based on Hadoop and Spark, be a expert to apply AI on the system.
To achieve goal 1, I will read deep learning at least 1 paper everyday, keep notes of my thinking, my questions and my experience, be fast to code and experiments.
To achieve goal 2, I will read http://strata.oreilly.com/http://www.36kr.com/http://gigaom.com/http://www.csdn.nethttps://news.ycombinator.com/http://highscalability.com/ to increase my knowledge and understanding on the big data domain.
To achieve goal 3, I will work on Spark to test different AI problems, and work with Sean and Sam on building our AI platform.
On the group goals for me
1. our culture and values will be rooted in everyday ‘s work and process.
2. our team will be shaped to be flat, share all kinds of expertise, build multi-skills, quick doing and decision. 
3. not only me, but everyone would know more or less what is going on in the world about big data domain, health domain.
To achieve goal 1: I will gather more best practice on team, startup decision, share with you, debate with you. Let us vote for what is best for us.  through the best practice, let us make these best practices really into our values and everyday practice.
To achieve goal 2: sharing ideas, knowledge, skills is part of our life, through giving presentations, co coaching, workshops.
To achieve goal 3: I will weekly share big minds on big data or iot to you
I don’t know how much it will impact in the end, but I know no matter how small a individual effort, if I do it and persist, is always making me more confident and cheerful every day.  I restarted my blog, putting what I see , what I think in the blog, to keep note of my everyday progress as my personal acknowledgement.  
When luis said why liverpool or we can’t be a cluster, I think in order to be a cluster, one condition is necessary, that there is one company with a group of intelligent people standing out, to lead the others to progress. I hope we can be that company, it is a opportunity 
The future is still a great dream, and I am taking seriously, I am prepared to change myself for the challenge and will contribute my best to make my way to it.
P.S if one day, I want people to describe us.  I don’t like ‘innovation’, it is too pale, to define innovation, we need to find out where innovation comes from, how it impacts, so I ‘d like three words  
1. challenge
2. disrupt
3. reinvent
just personal opinion !