Yesterday went to the Oxford Forum with Jordy,Lee, Felix. To make our way to Oxford, we all had to get up early at 3:00 since the driving to Oxford took 4-5 hours on the road,  this day was definitely a tiring day from the start, but hopefully I wished to meet some interesting people. On the way to Oxford, I planed to take a nap in this long driving trip but soon got caught in Lee and Jordy ‘s talks about emotional intelligence, cultural difference of SAS story, the senior Oracle we caught up the another day . Lee also shared his minds of entrepreneurship all these years, it was all up and down, gain and loss, undertaking huge pressures in particular on finance at the start, there was no easy road. It seemed that on this car, Felix, Jordy, I all followed him and chose this very hard road, facing a lot of unknown, seeing the fucking things around every day, but we , this type of people like to experience the pain and see the miracles happen on us. I know there is no miracle, all keep us going is vision, hard work and persistence.   

It was Lee’s first time to address the speaking in Oxford, and also Jordy and Felix ‘s first time to come to Oxford, but for me, Oxford was not a stranger. The clean, tidy road, elegant traditional houses, very tourist friendly environment, peaceful on the academic side but flourishing on the commercial side, it is always a compelling place to come around. Personally, I liked the Oxford ’cause it is the place for my virgin public presentation that I felt quite proud at that time, now three years passed.

Before the forum I still expected some talks about Smart city, Big data or Wearable devices. A bit of disappointed that most talks were about mobile apps, until the last talk from Tomi, who is a brilliant consultant as well as the organizer of this forum with Ajit, gave a stunning presentation of how mobile internet came about, how it would change the world in the future, and most importantly he clearly gave all of us a sign as well as a tip – China ‘s age for a wave of startup innovation is coming with recent changes in the mobile industry , Shenzhen equals the future silicon-valley, Shanghai equals the future New York. 

What surprised me is, it is exactly the same with my mind. My observation all this two years gave me a clear sign, the next 2 years is a turning point for big change, many cities in China are transforming to be next Tech cluster like San Francisco, Boston, New York, London, Berlin. Not only many great talents, entrepreneurs are crowed in the city, the ventures are also pouring into the city, the existing infrastructure, manufacturing capabilities, supply chain could be soon transformed into a new giant machine for innovation. In my last Oxford presentation three years ago, I had envisioned at certain points, when all this comes together, it is gonna to be a huge things. But what I didn’t expect is it comes so so soon, so rapidly. I am so glad, I have a group of people around, Ajit and Lee, they know and understand it as well.  

What makes me feel happy and sad is, to many people here in the UK or anywhere, they are so curious about China, at the same time, the old stereotypes still root in their minds ( China produces low quality things, China steals the ideas, China does’t know innovation ).  Standing in the viewpoint of entrepreneurs between China and UK, I already and constantly feel pressures from my Chinese peers, who are intelligent, hard-working, vision, fast learner, understand the difference between Chinese and world and most importantly aggressive and confident than ever. It is a opportunity as well as a huge challenge for those who live in the EU and US.

There still exist so many questions for me, not only for curiosity or passion but I want to join in …